Your Salesforce Billing on Autopilot

Your Salesforce Billing on Autopilot

With Debi, you'll be able to collect recurring payments directly within Salesforce.

Payment processing

Automate Your Collection Management without Leaving Salesforce

Debi automatically synchronizes all your opportunities, sending payments for collection without the need for manual intervention.

Customer Acquisition

An Open Window to Acquire New Customers in Salesforce

Integrate Debi to create open forms in your organization, automatically capturing the data of new customers and payments that arrive directly in Salesforce.

Real-time Synchronization

No More Data Loader 🙏 Your Payments Are Automatically Updated

Stop moving collection data around. With Debi, there is bidirectional data synchronization: the progress of your payments and retries updates in real-time in Salesforce.

Card Tokenization

Take Control of Your Payment Methods

Using Debi, you can use payment methods across different channels and control how they are processed. Additionally, you ensure that data is correctly entered thanks to our API for instant validation and identification of cards and bank accounts.

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